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Body minded awareness

Workplaces are a constantly changing environment with many corporations looking at how they can deliver more to customers for less and in a shorter time frame. People are asked to be more flexible, adaptable and move with the changes - big or small.

These higher demands and expectations on employees usually go hand in hand with higher levels of burnout, stress and dissatisfaction and at a huge cost to the organisation in absenteeism or people leaving the organisation.

Body Minded Awareness in the Workplace supports employees by giving them tools to not only cope with what is going on, but more so for them to develop practices and rhythms that will nurture and nourish them both at work and in their private lives. This can only result in a workforce that is healthier, more content, more harmonious and therefore more productive.

Sandra brings understanding and a practical approach to the programs she offers her corporate clients and tailors programs to suit a workplace and its people.

Get in touch and ask Sandra how she can tailor a program for your workplace whether that be in person at your premises, or online.


Body Minded Awareness

Body Minded Awareness sessions offer your employees practical ‘life’ tools they can build into their day.

These sessions can be a 20 to 30 minute regular session or a longer session that is incorporated into a Wellness day.


Sessions are offered on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and can be tailored to suit you and your employees.

For a personalised workplace approach in supporting your

employees, contact Sandra to arrange an initial consult.

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