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Coaching with Sandra

Coaching is a modality or technique whereby you as the client wishes to attain a goal or make change in your life and you're getting stuck, don't know where to start or what to do next.

"When we talk about Coaching, we are really talking about making a ‘change’ in our lives"


Sandra has a unique approach to her Coaching practice incorporating traditional coaching methods alongside tools and techniques that support her clients to develop self-awareness. With self-awareness comes the ability to make different choices.

Sandra works with clients on a goal or challenge and supports them to

understand more holistically what might be at play and for them to

unlock in themselves what the way forward is.

"Sandra is such a gentle, wise and supportive coach. Her coaching sessions changed my life and led me to finding a job that matches me perfectly”

CP - Victoria

Sandra Dallimore Counsellor & Coach

Sandra offers coaching sessions online & in person to support any areas of your life that require further insight, awareness and clarity.

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