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When we talk about Coaching, we are really talking about ‘change’ - something is either not working, could work better or a new direction is needed.



Sandra has a unique approach to her Coaching practice incorporating traditional coaching methods alongside tools and techniques that support her clients to develop self-awareness. With self-awareness comes the ability to make different choices.

Sandra works with clients to support and encourage them to recognise that they already have all the answers. Ah, so why bother with coaching you may ask? Everyone has their blind spots, things that they cannot see on their own.

Sandra works with clients on an issue or challenge and supports them to

understand more holistically what might be at play and for them to

unlock in themselves what the way forward is.

We heal ourselves, not through going outside ourselves, but by going within – and Coaching is a process of going within to understand more about oneself, and therefore understand more about others.


People engage Sandra as a Coach in many situations, including:

  • Apprehension about taking on new responsibilities or challenges at work

  • Leadership coaching – authentic leadership, developing emotional intelligence

  • Feeling a lack of confidence, self-doubt, anxiousness or overwhelm at work or in life

  • Support with a career or job change

  • Considering retirement

  • General wellbeing programs

"Sandra is such a gentle, wise and supportive coach. Her coaching sessions changed my life and led me to finding a job that matches me perfectly”

Caitlin - Victoria

Sandra offers online coaching sessions to support any areas of your life that require further insight, awareness and clarity.

Book a Coaching Consultation now.

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