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About Sandra Dallimore

Counselling & Coaching with Sandra Dallimore   

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Sandra loves working with people and supporting them through times of change in their personal and professional lives whether this be dealing with a loss, a disappointment, a new challenge, a fear or some other life situation that seems difficult or is causing unsettlement, upset, distress or depression.

Sandra is a forever student of life, seeing life as one big classroom where we are constantly being given the opportunity to evolve out of the reactions, the hurts, the grief and loss, the anxiety and the fears or the disappointments that play out in life.


"I am not an expert in your life – you are. You are the master and student of your own life. As a Counsellor, I will support you to see things differently and to free yourself from the shackles that are holding you down to not shine and be your whole and true self."

Sandra is not only qualified as a Counsellor, she comes with 30+ years’ experience of working in a vast array of corporate environments supporting people through change in the workplace and is a well-respected practitioner of change and workplace coaching.


Life is constantly changing from one moment to the next. How we deal with it will depend on the areas of life we have mastered and those we have not yet mastered. Those not yet mastered are what cause us to feel challenged and where we can feel unsettlement, distress and experience unwanted reactions or behaviours. The counselling process supports you to identify these areas and bring your own mastery to them.

Sandra's Qualifications & Associations

  • Diploma in Counselling

  • Member of the Australian Counselling Association (Provisional)

  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership

  • IECL Certified Organisational Coach -  Levels 1 and 2

  • Associate Diploma in Training & Development

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