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Coaching testimonials

"Sandra supported our team by initiating and placing some very practical tools and structure in place that gave us all an excellent understanding of how we can work together in harmony. Each person with their own strengths and everyone feeling empowered.


Personally I loved my sessions with Sandra. She is warm, smart, inspiring and helped me make little changes in the way I approached work and business that in the long run have been life changing. Highly recommended, Sandra is an asset to any business that knows that supporting and nurturing its people/colleagues/staff is what makes it ultimately a success."


Kathryn - VIC

"Sandra is such a gentle, wise and supportive coach. Her coaching sessions changed my life and led me to finding a job that matches me perfectly. Not only did our sessions help me make the best decisions for my career, they helped me see my work and my life in a new and inspiring way. I wholeheartedly recommend having sessions with Sandra.”


Caitlin - NSW

"The coaching sessions with Sandra Dallimore helped me to appreciate my skill set, and the unique qualities I bring to my workplace. I was at a crossroads when I contacted Sandra, and thought that I would leave my workplace after some professional development to 'up-skill'. To my amazement I went on a very different journey, one of appreciation for what I already have (and bring) to my current workplace, and was able to take an honest look at what wasn't working also. The adjustment required was an internal one! Sandra is fantastic at 'cutting to the chase' in a really supportive way, and with lots of laughs to boot! I highly recommend Sandra's services to anyone wanting to take a deeper look at their work-life balance. Wonderful, possibly life-changing, transformations are highly likely! Heart-felt thanks to you Sandra."  


Emma - NSW

"I now feel that I have identified and integrated my qualities and strengths both in my personal and professional life. This has allowed me to feel more confident in my role as a coordinator to give feedback to colleagues and to work more collaboratively with them. I have really come to appreciate my skills and how they contribute to the team, being able to express more openly with a wide range of people has been a real benefit of the coaching program. Many thanks, Sandra.”


Megan - NSW

Yoga testimonials

"I recently had the opportunity to participate in one of Sandra's Esoteric Yoga programs and it was truly wonderful. I have practiced yoga in the past but this was something very different. Sandra skillfully guided participants through an almost meditative experience. It enabled us to regain contact with our inner selves and find that sense of calm or state of grace that is always there, but can become buried and forgotten. A different form of yoga (some would say it is actually the 'true yoga') and a form that Sandra has mastered over many years. I found it most enriching. Thank you, Sandra.”


Jeremy - VIC

Meeting Sandra and participating in the yoga stillness 6 week program, was such a beautiful journey of self awareness, self discovery, deeper connection and a truly life changing experience. Thanking you Sandra and the participants, for all that was brought to the lovely healing experience.

Susan - VIC

Body Minded Awareness testimonials

"Sandra has been running daily meditation sessions throughout the COVID period for our workplace, and they have been nothing short of life changing! I was never really able to meditate before learning her technique, and I have personally seen so much benefit from practicing daily including reducing stress, assistance in focusing and supporting sleep. I can’t recommend Sandra’s meditation sessions enough!"


Mandy - VIC

"I have been attending Sandra’s morning mediation sessions since she first offered them in late March 2020 to support staff cope with the change to working conditions and the pressure and stresses due to the uncertainty imposed on all of us due to the pandemic and the restrictions.  These sessions have been invaluable to me to establish a routine to my day and to pause, reflect and achieve a sense of calm which has become my reference point for the ups and downs of the working day.   I really appreciate Sandra taking the time to do this as it has made a real difference to me.


Thank you so much Sandra !"


Chris - VIC

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