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Counselling & Coaching with Sandra Dallimore

Sandra offers Counselling and Coaching that supports the whole person.


Counselling has many myths about it but it is actually very simple. It is a modality where you will be listened to and heard, not judged and given space to work with me to come to your own realisations about you and your life.

Coaching is also very simple and often misunderstood for what it offers. Coaching is more goal-oriented and focussed on working on what is getting in the way of you reaching your goals, be those at work, around your health or life in general.

Counselling & Coaching sessions

Sandra Dallimore Counsellor & Coach

Are we the right fit?

Call me

Give me a call to see if I'm the right fit for you to work with.

If I'm with a client or attending to other work, leave me a message and I will call you back.

Call NOW 0412 399 044
Video Call


Via Zoom

Book a Counselling or Coaching session online.

Suitable for anyone in any location or timezone.

Simple and easy to setup and attend.

Therapy Closeup

In person

Fairfield, Brisbane

Book an in person Counselling or Coaching session.

Sessions are conducted in Fairfield 6km south of Brisbane CBD.

Easy to get to by car, bus or train with on-site parking.

About Sandra Dallimore

Counselling & Coaching with Sandra Dallimore   

Sandra Dallimore Counsellor & Coach

Sandra loves working with people and supporting them through times of change in their personal and professional lives whether this be dealing with a loss, a disappointment, a new challenge or some other life situation that seems difficult or is causing unsettlement, upset, distress or anxiety.

Personally I loved my sessions with Sandra. She is warm, smart, inspiring and helped me make little changes in the way I approached work and business that in the long run
have been life changing

KF - Vic

Sandra is such a gentle, wise and supportive coach. Her coaching sessions changed my life and led me to finding a job that matches me perfectly.

CM - Vic

I now feel that I have identified and integrated my qualities and strengths both in my personal and professional life.


Life is a classroom where we are offered awareness, insights and understanding into ourselves and others.

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