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The Yoga of Stillness also known as ‘Esoteric Yoga’ is a
powerful self-healing modality.



This style of yoga, true to its origins, supports people to bring their busy minds in line with their bodies to enable them to reconnect to a quality within themselves known as ‘Stillness’.

When Stillness is felt, there is no doubt about the connection you feel to a grander presence – your soul. It is a whole body and mind experience where you feel at one, in union, that is yoga, with the all and where we are from.

A yoga class is not a magic ‘fix it’…there is no such thing. What it does promise is the space for you to STOP, yes stop, to gauge how your body is truly feeling and from there, be very honest with yourself about how you are running your body – your own vehicle.

When we stop and listen to our body and connect to our own Stillness, it speaks volumes, and that is when true healing starts.

The Yoga of Stillness was founded by Serge Benhayon


Esoteric Yoga is the Yoga of Stillness.

It is a self-healing modality that epitomises the truth of yoga

Sandra offers private healing sessions from Newport

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